C hatar Patar’s team has always believed in standardization, customization and consistency of the concept, system and taste. We thought of making all the street food universal with it’s authentic taste and uniqueness. Since, every city has got different style of eating habits. For Example: Maharashtra has been divided into 5 main regions whereas Konkan region loves spicy stuffs like Mumbai and the Khandesh region like Nashik of Maharashtra loves to eat sweet things and less spicy.

Keeping all the taste buds in mind we have made all the products at Chatar Patar with an acceptable taste for everyone and for all the age groups. Chatar Patar is a Indore based company and Indore is famous for it’s namkeen and taste all over India. It has got acceptability by all in it’s food.Chatar Patar has done too much R&D work on all the products involved in the menu just to serve fresh and healthy to it’s customers. Hygienic and healthy serving is the key of Chatar Patar’s Success.

We Believe In :-
‘Cooking With Love Provides FOOD For The Soul'

We have given platform to 72+ entrepreneurs in 22 states with a different mind-set and with a love for our Indian Food. Uniqueness of recipe of the products and easy to serve style attracts a lot.Though favorite across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangaladesh (entire Indian sub-continent), it is often frowned upon for the lack of hygiene with which it is often served.Therefore, though popular, and full of medicinal values for the variety of herbs and spices used, it is not considered as a healthy eating option by many. Chatar Patar decided to change that by pioneering to serve these hawkers style street food as an organized business. Prepared and served in hygienic conditions, with a variety of exotic choices of flavors, “Gapagap” and the other items on the menu have been highly appreciated both by Chatar Patar's guests as well as press.