Gapagap (panipuri)
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Gapagap (Panipuri) is one of our USP products. We have a great range of different flavours in Gapagap. All the flavours are chemicals free and very naturally made. We Don't put dirty hands in water, infact we put our Love in it to make it flavoured."

masala lemonade
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Chatar Patar's special drink is Masala Lemonade. It is one of our most Loveable and tastiest drink in the menu. It is very refreshing and gives complete rest to your throat. It is a summer cooler and refreshing drink.

masala sandwich
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At Chatar Patar in the range of sandwiches Masala sandwich is the most favourite of every other customer. It is a great combination of all the indian spices and stuffing. It's masala is very interseting and tasty to grab on. It is also a kid's special. One can easily make this sandwich an option to come over his/her hunger.

dahi puri
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This is the most famous product of Chatar Patar "Dahi Gapagap". It is a dish of puris filled with lots of curd and different chatney's and spices. When it goes into the mouth there's a blast of curd and is so . "On the top of the world" like experience for a customer. It is the most favourite product of customers at Chatar Patar's Store.

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Chatar Patar serves different types of bhel's with unique taste and combination of different types of indori namkeen's, spices, mixtures and flavours. Consistency in taste of a product is the main funda here and you can have authentic taste in every bhel of Chatar Patar.

idli vada
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Though Idli/Wada sambhar is a south Indian Dish and one can never defeat the taste of south but at Chatar Patar we put our love with the spices to make it as tasty as south side serves. The taste of Sambhar is so yummy that one can never leave this dish without tasting it.

Tandoori Noodles
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When we tgink about noodles, then it's only Chatar Patar which can serve you hot and yummy noodles ever. The taste you won't find anywhere. You can have different types of noodles here. From hot spicy to kid's favourite every taste is available here.

corn chaat
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Sweet Corn itself is such a yummy name that one can not stop himself from grabbing it and Chatar Patar has doubled it's yumminess by aading on a chaat concept to it. Corn Chaat of Chatar Patar is very famous and is the most sellable product of the menu. It's ot, yummy and delicious.

delhi papdi chaat
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Be it Chatar Patar's Gaziabad's Store or Be it at Kolhapur's Store everywhere, at anytime you can enjoy taste of Delhi with it's most famous food i.e. known as "Papri Chaat" and Chatar Patar serves you the same taste by the name of "Delhi Papdi Chaat" with a unique combination of curd and different types of chatneys's

pani puri shots
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Chatar Patar has left no option of serving chaats in different styles to the customers. Pani Puri shots is again a great example of it. Shots of Pani Puri of Chatar Patar are equivalently famous as the shots of Tequilla. One can get different flavours of these Pani Puri shots only at Chatar Patar. As Chatar Patar is the first to serve them.

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