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100% natural ingredients

We care about our customer health. Eat healthy. Stay strong


Operational excellence

We execute business strategies smartly to save time, energy and money

Our Belief

At Chatar Patar, our task is to deliver delicious food prepared through finest quality ingredients.
“In every cuisine, you can feel the taste of enticing street foods”.

Basically, customer is our inspiration; we always strive hard to bring profitable business models which will be beneficial for the ecosystem.
“Food is not just to fulfill hunger, but something that makes people happy”.

We offer the best food and consistently experiment to make our customers happy. We welcome passionate people who want to become boss of own business.

Become a part of street food franchise
“Your success is valuable for us; we feel proud to make your investment successful”.


Always Innovative

To beat the rest, we need to be the best. Innovation is key to success, at Chatar Patar we produce best



We promote sustainable franchise systems, to ensure success for everyone.

Quality Is Our Priority

India’s most affordable food franchise, its Chatar Patar. We use freshest and healthiest ingredients to deliver quality foods, and also the business models designed to create best dining experience for people.

Profitable franchise

You want to open your own food franchise? The Chatar Patar franchise system is perfect to achieve success. We provide growth opportunities, flexible environment and effective concepts which enables investors to attain desired goal and objectives.

Our Aim

We do business to offer fantastic food franchises . We’re committed for product quality, excellent operations and implement fresh ideas to become a better company. Every day is an opportunity for us to do better, we feel proud to develop excellent business models, which can be replicated successfully.

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