Food franchise


Chatar Patar is envisaged as a chain of eateries that serve hawker style Indian street food that is standardized, yet customizable, giving extensive width within its scope of products that is hygienically prepared and served. It is the house of India's first branded golgappa known as GapagapTM and its signature product.

Golgappa (also known as panipuri, pani batasha, puchka, pakori, gupchup etc. in different parts of India) is one of the most favourite street snack in the country

Though favourite across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh (entire Indian sub-continent), it is often frowned upon for the lack of hygiene with which it is often served. Therefore, though popular, and full of medicinal values for the variety of herbs and spices used, it is not considered as a healthy eating option by many. Same is with a variety of other savoury snacks that are served across the country by road side hawkers..

Chatar Patar decided to change that by pioneering to serve these hawkers style street food as an organized business. Prepared and served in hygienic conditions, with a variety of exotic choices of flavours, “Gapagap” and the other items on the menu have been highly appreciated both by Chatar Patar's guests as well as press..

“Laughter is the loudest where food is the best.” Chatar Patar is all set to convert the ‘saying into a fact’. What can be better than to devour the Indian street food in a more hygienic and reliable manner?

Chatar Patar not only uses its service tactics creatively but its menu overrides all other notions of exotic offerings. Just a thought of Maggie combined with Gapagap can leave your mouth watering then imagine the pleasure of consuming it in reality. Once visited, it is for sure that your taste buds would encounter the newest Gapagap flavours, most engaging chaats, alluring drinks, yummy sandwiches and many more.

The matchless seating arrangement is nothing but an ‘icing on the cake’. Whether it’s your cranky group of friends or enlightened lasses or your family, Chatar Patar embraces each ones presence to make their visit a noteworthy experience.

Chatar Patar die-heartedly supports the belief ‘Good food is good mood’ and would be delighted enough to serve each of its customers with health-giving and superior quality dishes.