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Chatar Patar – Journey from ordinary to extraordinary

Welcome to Chatar Patar Foods Pvt. Ltd., Indore based street food Franchise firm which has built strong reputation in competitive marketplace through quality foods and matchless services. Chatar Patar has maintained strong relationship with all stakeholders: employees, franchisees, and customers.

Our legacy

Every day, we try to make people happy with our services; we consistently delivered quality food products and take immense pride in presenting the mouthwatering street foods in organized format. It was all started when Mr. Prashant Kulkarni (MBA & Ex Infosys employee) and Mrs. Vinaya Kulakrni (M.Tech & Ex Infosys employee) saw local vendors did not care about cleanliness and freshness. They decided to bring standard food service format, with low investment Chatar Patar was started on streets of Indore. The First franchise was opened in Gujarat and since then it is consistently transforming foodservice sector.

Golgappa in organized format

Golgappa (also known as Panipuri, puchka, gupchup, etc. in different parts of India) is one of the most favorite street snacks in the country. We have developed 21+ flavours of Panipuri and 80+ products in different aroma, and texture. We put efforts to produce exceptional recipes every single minute. Chaatizzas, Zaapi, AlooChakri, Pan Shots and Panipuri Shots are special products available only at Chatar Patar.

An inspiring future

We not only focus on food quality but also took responsibility to build a better future by offering valuable business opportunities. We are passionate to bring innovations with effective concepts that would revolutionize the whole foodservice sector around the globe. We are also committed to improve the life of communities around us.

The story of success

Chatar Patar is growing tremendously across India and also focusing on global markets. We build strong franchise network, you can check honours we’ve received.

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